<aside> 🇬🇧 Welcome to the 42 FabLab! Willkommen zum 42 Wolfsburg FabLab — unsere Arbeitssprache ist Englisch aber sehr viele sprechen Deutsch —- also denglish is total fein!


<aside> 💡 We have a Slack Workspace now!




<aside> ☎️ If you have questions on the FabLab, you can always send a mail to [email protected] or directly talk to our FabLab Admin @Cristina-Andreea Grămadă


<aside> 📌 @Cristina Gramada is the FabLab administrator.


Terms and Conditions

OLD FabLab Projects

Arduino peer-learning program

Workshop and House Rules

Lab Community Guidelines

Creativity Resources

FabLab Side Quests


If you want to become a member, please read our Terms and Conditions. You will find all relevant information in there!

Before using the FabLab for the first time, you will need to get a general safety introduction (ca. 30 min) from our Lab Lead Cristina Gramada.

In our FabLab we are using a traffic light system to indicate which machines and tools you can use as a member

Machine Access Rules

🟢 without a course or instruction (most standard hand tools and furniture)

🟡 after a short check-in with staff (advanced hand tools with minor safety concerns)

🔴 after a dedicated introduction course with the machine Owners.

Membership Structure